The way your team works together improves because Consolidate has a unique status, deadline, and person responsible for each activity.

By assigning, prioritizing, and scheduling tasks, emails, and processes, everyone on the team can see who is working on what and how projects are being completed on time.

Project Management

The bigger the better. Large projects benefit especially from the clarity of consolidate. All tasks can be assigned, regardless of whether they involve appointments, telephone calls, e-mails or documents.

Appointment management

A well planned team is a productive one. The calendar keeps track of all appointments and deadlines of projects, meetings or even events. There are different views, so that everyone can plan in their own way.

Access is available to anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone, because thanks to Consolidate, all info is always available digitally at any time.

Consolidate contains everything your team needs. Documents and files are among the most important things, so it's even more essential to have a central place where they can all be stored and found.

Document management flexibly adapts to your requirements: Versioning, signatures for approval - everything is possible. For more clarity, there is always only one released version and thus only one current document that is valid for all.

Connect Consolidate to workflows outside the computer as well. By integrating the telephone, you can quickly call colleagues and clarify questions. Thanks to Consolidate, the other person immediately sees who is calling and what it's about. The same applies to e-mails, which are sent directly in the tool.

Everything in one place - whether as an app on the desktop or mobile web app. You and your team always have emails, information and files with you. The Windows desktop app has the full range of functions and can be flexibly extended.

The mobile app is a slimmer Consolidate version and can be installed on a smartphone or simply used via the browser.

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More than 400 companies are already using Consolidate. The solution is most widely used in Austria, Switzerland and Germany (approx. 1/3 of customers each). There are also installations in the USA, England and Hong-Kong.

Our customers are usually small and medium-sized companies, but Consolidate is also perfect for larger companies. You can create from 5 to over 300 users. If you value speed and have demands on the complexity of information processing, Consolidate will bring a lot of benefits to your company.

The average payback period for Consolidate is 8-10 months. The measured savings have therefore recovered the investment after a short time. We also offer Consolidate in a very favorable rental variant.

The implementation phase adapts to the complexity of your requirements. Experience shows that one day is dedicated to project definition (goals, objectives, process and schedule planning) and 3 to 5 days to installation and customizing. Interfaces and data transfer (addresses, documents from the ERP system) can usually be implemented in 3 to 4 days.

Users receive one and a half days of training. We recommend that the training be divided into 2 half days and that a refresher training of 1 half day be conducted after approx. 6 months.