The General Data Protection Regulation standardizes the processing of personal data. But above all, it means an administrative and organizational burden for companies. Consolidate DSGVO Manager helps you to master adaptations quickly, easily and securely.

Procedure directory:

Each data field can be assigned a destination, a* data recipient and a purpose of use. This makes it easy to create a procedure directory using the personal data processed in Consolidate.

GDPR logging:

Logging of authorization changes to program, project, employee* and person settings by users (including administrators) is available for a*defined employee*.

Deletion periods:

For each activity type, define after how many months the activities must be deleted (e.g. applications). You have the option of displaying the corresponding activities in a predefined list at any time.

Information request:

You can generate an overview of all existing data of a person at the push of a button. This lists all master data including dynamic additional fields and any contact data that has been passed on. In addition, statistics of the person's existing activity types are displayed.

Deletion suggestions:

A predefined list shows you all contact persons with whom there has been no contact for a long time. You can choose the time period yourself and delete the data quickly and easily.


To eliminate the risk of archived documents being altered when personal data is deleted, there is the anonymization function. All processed data of a person is changed in such a way that it is no longer possible to draw conclusions about the person (name, contact data, date of birth, salutations, etc.). However, the "history" of documents is retained.

Imagine that a deadline no longer passes just because a task has been delegated to a colleague who is not there at the moment. With Consolidate AutoResponder, the sender is informed when:

  • a task is delegated.
  • a task is completed.
  • an e-mail arrives.
  • a task has been completed.
  • etc.

Especially with the ticket system, it is important to inform the sender about certain events, beyond the receipt of the e-mail. With Consolidate AutoResponder you can define yourself when the sender should receive an info. For example, an AutoResponder message can be sent automatically when an e-mail is received, but also when a task is delegated.

It is a configurable e-mail notification service for defined activities. You can set different AutoResponder messages for different e-mail addresses.

Fully integrated in the Consolidate base, the AutomailResponder becomes a relief, because the sender* is always informed.

You know it: Several times a day we search for information, document and content. Preferably as simply and as quickly as possible. The keyword is full-text searches.

Consolidate Full-Text-Search offers you exactly this solution. You simply search for document names or keywords and get all matching information delivered.

Of course, always taking into account the Consolidate security: confidentiality, read permission, project and activity security, CC and appointment participant viewing rights.

On the train, abroad or at appointments - work offline and with full access to all data. That's what Consolidate Replication is for: You work locally on your notebook and as soon as there is a connection to the Internet or company network, you simply replicate your data.

With Consolidate Replication, all information is available to you offline in the field, during presentations or sales calls. You can work on-site as if you were on the company network, eliminating the need to rework in the office.

Offline and still everything under control:

  • All data on the notebook with you everywhere and at all times
  • Data encrypted and protected
  • easy replication of data

Set the date, send the invitation. With Consolidate OnlineMeeting, you can do all this in one fell swoop. You can send a meeting link to all participants directly when you enter an appointment. You can choose from all common platforms such as MS Teams, Zoom, Starleaf, Webex or GoTo Meeting.

When inviting external participants, the meeting link will be sent automatically. Internal participants can join the meeting with one click.

CloudMailer connects you to your Microsoft Exchange365. You can receive and send mails in it. The mailboxes are processed in parallel for this purpose.

The Exchange365 Mail Connector connects with the secure oAuth2 protocol.


  • Microsoft SQL database at least version 2012, we recommend MS SQL 2019.
  • Or PostgreSQL version 9.6 or higher, we recommend version 11.
  • Consolidate module CloudMailer is licensed.
  • Microsoft Exchange365 is in use and configured (see chapter "Configuration for Microsoft Exchange365" for a detailed description).
  • Consolidate version 5.2 or higher including server services is installed (where Consolidate E-Mail Connector is running).
  • The "CloudMailer" module is activated in the "Modules" tab.
  • The Consolidate E-Mail Connector is installed and configured (for a description see our online manual chapter "Server module E-Mail Connector").
  • The "Exchange365" permission is enabled in the employee settings for the corresponding users in the "Security" tab (see chapter "Configuration for Consolidate").
  • "[Exchange365]" is entered as an e-mail profile for the corresponding users in the "Miscellaneous" tab (for a detailed description, see the next chapter).

So that you only have to enter the same data once and it can still be used by all offices, there is the Consolidate standard interface. You can also use it to archive data from ERP systems and other programs quickly and easily.

We use different options depending on your requirements:

  • XML file transfer with log option and backup copies
  • JSON data transfer with a Consolidate web service (REST API)
  • Printing of documents to Consolidate for archiving (and automatic mail delivery)
  • and much more

The dashboard is the modern pinboard for your company. All information is displayed here and new developments are visualized in statistics and diagrams. You and your team can see at a glance what's coming up and can access this information anytime and anywhere.

The dashboard offers the following widget types:

  • Image / PDF
  • Map
  • List
  • Time
  • Diagram
  • Text / Key figure
  • Website
  • Weather

You can create the widgets yourself or let us design them for you.

You have a special requirement for Consolidate? With the CDK extension, all customer-specific requirements are possible in and for Consolidate. CDK is an open programming interface that allows programmers to adapt Consolidate exactly to the needs of the company.

For this purpose, we provide various methods and calls. Consolidate can also react to return values of the methods in a company-specific way. The CDK license is purchased only once, afterwards only the development effort is charged.