Consolidate starts where the ERP system stops working. Become a partner now.

Consolidate as an all-in-one software solution for CRM, DMS, PMS, e-mail, intranet and more offers a holistic view of companies and customers.

Secure a long-term relationship with your customers with it!

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What's in it for you as a partner?

Service and license revenues

In addition to lucrative commissions, you also benefit from service revenues when optimizing your customers' processes.

Long-term, successful relationships

You support your customers in process optimization with Consolidate and thus create successful relationships!

Optimal customer service

You offer your customers a standard solution that can be customized to the maximum extent to meet their requirements.

New customers/ prospects

Incoming leads (inbound) are referred to our partners. Your customer base expands for your entire portfolio.

What does the partnership with Consolidate look like?

As a partner at eye level, you have direct contact with our development team. Customized wishes in the customer project are thus easily possible and together we find optimal solutions.

Open communication with our partners is the basis of trust for successful cooperation

Incoming leads (inbound) are referred to our partners.

There is a lucrative affiliate program.

Attractive marketing support through our partner support.

As a partner, you also have a direct line to our support team when things go wrong.

Our partners speak for themselves:

Peter Hinteregger
Geschäftsführer bei Pamis GmbH

"I particularly appreciate the direct contact with the development team - this is always very positive and at eye level - it's a perfect fit. Consolidate can be optimally customized to customer requirements. This leads to high customer loyalty."

DI Robert Rosenauer
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter bei DGR DatenverarbeitungsgesmbH

"We have been implementing Consolidate since 2003 as an excellent complement to our ERP solution PROFI.neo. We value the product very much because it provides the best possible support for our customers in the area of project management and information management. Above all, the continuity in software development means long-term investment protection for us and our customers."

Florian Rainer
Geschäftsführer bei IDEEFIX System- und Softwareentwicklung GmbH

"We have implemented Consolidate for several customers over the last 10 years. All customers are still using the software today and are extremely satisfied, not least because of the flexibility regarding extensions and adjustments on the part of the manufacturer. Consolidate is a very strong factor for customer retention and brings significant benefits!"

Klaus Hüttl
Managing Director bei Actinium Consulting AG

"What we appreciate most about the long-standing partnership is the fast and reliable support and the open communication. The continuity in development and the direct contact to the development team are essential for our strategy and work very well."

Markus Emge
Geschäftsführer bei SNCiell Systemdienstleistungs GmbH

"Over the long period of our collaboration, we particularly appreciate the extremely fast support and implementation of suggestion for innovations within Consolidate."

Sandra von Keutz
Geschäftsführerin bei LogByte GmbH

"The partnership between LogByte and Consolidate is a perfect match. We can't imagine everyday work without this powerful CRM. Consolidate can be seamlessly integrated into our software solutions or used as a standalone CRM and project management tool. Many of our customers have benefited from these advantages."

Jakob Rechsteiner
Geschäftsführer bei Dowar GmbH

"I have been a Consolidate partner since 1998 and have always been able to count on the support of the professionals at Consolidate. Since Consolidate fully covers document management, personal work organization, as well as the control of workflow processes, there are almost no customer wishes left unfulfilled."

Franz Heeb
Geschäftsführer bei HEEB Consulting

"We serve customers who use Consolidate as a standalone solution or in conjunction with their ERP solutions.

We appreciate Consolidate's realization of efficient communication flows to avoid duplicate data sets in communication and ERP solutions."

Ing. Reinhold Köberle

"The close cooperation and personal contact are the basis for success with Consolidate and help to retain customers in the long term. This solution, tailored to customers' needs, is key to customer retention and lays the foundation for future projects."

Central services for partners at a glance

As a Consolidate Partner, a personal contact person and our team of experts are available to answer all your questions about ECM / Information Management.

Consolidate licenses for own use included.

Partner portal, training platform and partner certifications.

Active sales support from your partner account manager.

Active support in the project.

Annual Consolidate Partner Meeting.

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